Surfaces for pad printing

The most suitable surface for pad printing is achieved by use of COREL graphic processing software program. The pad printing technology can also be done according to technical documentation, drawing, presented sample design or provisional design.

It is necessary to select the color of the imprint. However, the final color of the imprint can further by modified after being pad printed in order to meet the client’s expectations. All produced clischees are stored in our databases, so that they can be reuse anytime. This system enables the efficient production of the company.

Equipment and machines

Our sole machine and equipment supplier has become German specialist for pad printing systems MORLOCK. We have three monochromatic machines model MTM 100 and two four-colored machines model MKM 80.

Fotografie stroje MORLOCK MKM 80

Four-colored printing machine model MORLOCK MKM 80.3

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