Tampon printing industry is a unique technology of printing products regardless of shape, material or surface. The basic principal behind the pad printing technology is that the flexible rubber silicon pad picks up the image from the etched surface of ink flooded cliché and than transfer it to the component, where printing is required. The result is the fine quality of printing image.

We also offer multicolor imprints (multi prints) available in the multiple color shades as per PANTONE and RAL. The final imprint can be further re vanished.

Examples of usage:

  • Thermo regulative heads of heating systems
  • Production of control components for Automotive industry
  • Keyboard, calculator’s frame, PC monitors and mobile covers
  • Wide usage in the Banking Sector, mainly Bank Point cassette exchange
  • Pad printing of Electrical and Electronic equipment (kettles, Hoovers, printing and fax machines)
  • Pad printing of office supplies (correction products, pencils, pens, liquid glues, holders, etc.)
  • Wooden toys, buttons, plastic covers
  • Promotional and advertising items
  • Polo chromium, anodizing, nikel and powder metal painting (comaxitation) units
  • Thermoplastic products

Equipment and machines

Our sole machine and equipment supplier has become German specialist for pad printing systems MORLOCK. We have three monochromatic machines model MTM 100 and two four-colored machines model MKM 80.

Fotografie stroje MORLOCK MKM 80

Four-colored printing machine model MORLOCK MKM 80.3

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