About us

KA-print Company was established in 2004 with the clear aim to provide pad printing services, especially for Industrial Print Works (industrial products or manufactured components). One of the impulses for founding the Company was a desire of its founders for professional self-realization in the chosen area of business. The company’s KNOW- HOW is based on skills and rich experience of its members in the Printing Industry, which guarantees the high quality of printing services, efficient control monitoring and consideration of the client’s needs. In addition, we offer cost-effective printing solutions that contribute to the significant reductions in operating expenses.

The success of our company is based on the state of art format printing equipments, suitable selection of the colors, additives, printing clischees and pads producers, as well as proper pre-preparation of the printing surface, high-quality of film coating and specialized clischees production procedure. Careful selection of individual components of production together with the monitoring of all the printing parameters led to the rapid increase in the production volume. Our principal equipment supplier has become German specialist for pad printing systems MORLOCK.

The increase in the production and growing demand especially in the field of automotive industry required the implementation of Quality Control System according to the ISO 9001. The Quality Control System was implemented and certified in 2007.

The main demand for our services is primarily in the field of Industrial Line production, such as press-plastic companies, toy and office supplies manufacturers, but we also offer our services to big companies to imprint their items for use as advertising gifts, promotions or give-aways. The gradual development of KA-print Company, especially the increase of the annual turnover led to the further enlargement of the production output which results in the steady improvement of our services.

Equipment and machines

Our sole machine and equipment supplier has become German specialist for pad printing systems MORLOCK. We have three monochromatic machines model MTM 100 and two four-colored machines model MKM 80.

Fotografie stroje MORLOCK MKM 80

Four-colored printing machine model MORLOCK MKM 80.3

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